I want to help you tell your story. Creating brand style guides, social media management, digital content (images, videos, ads, web design) are what I offer. I even provide training and consulting for those interested in learning how to do these things. Whether you are a business, school, church, or personal brand, I can help you meet your goals.

Businesses, I can help with your digital content creation, social media management, brand style guides, ad design, web design, and provide workshops and consultation.

Schools, I can help with lesson planning, unit planning, curriculum writing, instructional technology workshops, digital design workshops, gamification workshops, branding, district social media policy and strategy, and digital content creation.

Browse through my site to learn more about me, check out my resources, and connect with me on social media. We can all geek out on digital design together!

My name is Brandon Petersen, welcome to my site.

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My distinct value is my ability to design sublime content.

Superman saved the world by tricking General Zod into draining his own powers in the Fortress of Solitude ridding humanity of its greatest threat. With the alien menace defeated, the world would be free to live lives and chase dreams. This ultimately allowed my parents to meet, fall in love, and have me.

Inspired by an 8th grade integrated technology teacher, I would soon discover the path of a digital enthusiast developing my own superpowers in coding, digital design, and storytelling. Carefully concealing my identity as an unassuming communication specialist and adjunct professor, I train future generations of coders, designers, and educator warriors armed with creativity and problem-solving skills. When I’m not saving the world, I enjoy creating digital content in the form of graphics, podcasts, videos, and games.


I can fly, break through brick walls, and vanquish armies with a single blow. Digitally. With software and coding. Maybe not as impressive looking as Superman doing it, but the end results are indistinguishable.

I use the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite as an educator, communication specialist, and content creator. Teaching technique and use of the software allows me to keep up with updates and trends. I put theory into practice by using digital tools to create a variety of multimedia projects.

The same goes for coding. I enjoy teaching Python, HTML, and CSS as it challenges students to become systematic problem solvers. We apply skills to create solutions for problems or for our own entertainment.

When I am not creating with technology, I enjoy playing games, going to movies, and being outside. I love golfing but my skill level is too low for the infographic. I am proud of my barbecue grilling. There was an incident when a grill caught fire, but I extinguished the flames. Some say I almost burned down the neighborhood. I say I saved the neighborhood, almost like Superman putting out that huge fire with the frozen lake.


I have a bachelor's degree in education and a master's degree with an emphasis in instructional technology from Chadron State College. I completed my subject endorsement in information technology from Wayne State College. Most recently, I earned a social media professional graduate certificate and a web design & online communication graduate certificate, both from the University of Florida.

I have been an educator since 2004. I have taught 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th graders. Classes I have taught at NPHS were Computer Apps 2 (Dual Credit), IT Fundamentals, Programming 1, Programming 2, Web Design 1 (Dual Credit), Web Design 2 (Dual Credit), Graphic Design 1, and Graphic Design 2. In 2023 I was excited to try something new professionally, and accepted the position of communication specialist for North Platte Public Schools. I am also an adjunct professor for Mid-Plains Community College at North Platte. I have taught courses in Database, Microcomputer Apps, HTML/CSS, Adobe Dreamweaver, and Instructional Technology.

I love creating with technology and teaching others what I have learned. This is why I have so much fun at my job. I get to share my passion with others. I don't want this to end in my classroom as I look for opportunities to use my talents and passions in as many ways as possible.


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