Guess what? I wrote a book! During my free time, I have been tinkering with a small passion project that has become a love letter to childhood memories, pop culture references, and everyone's favorite meal, cereal. Bookmark this page, and follow along for updates as we get nearer to a release date. This has been a lot of fun putting together, and I'm excited to share it with you!

Cereal Explained? Title graphic
Cereal Quest Cover Art

Cereal Quest: Munchbot Mayhem

How do we pass the time while we wait for "Cereal Explained?" How about with a FREE video game! Cereal Quest is a game you can download for free for Game Boy, Analogue Pocket, or play right in your internet browser! You can download the game or play it in browser by following this link:

You can also check out the game trailer below:

Chapter Titles Reveal!

Here is our first tease for content in the book! These are the chapter titles for "Cereal Explained?"!! Bookmark this page and follow @codePetersen on social media for more updates!

Cereal Explained? Chapter Titles

Book Cover Reveal!

For better or worse, we shouldn't ever judge a book by its cover, but I love how this turned out! We're getting closer!

Cereal Explained? Book Cover

Book Trailer!

Here is the teaser trailer for my book, "Cereal Explained?" !!! Bookmark this page, and follow me on any social media platform for updates as we get closer to a release date!